Ready Bags

Go Bag Contents (Riley, WA9CWE 11/09 & always in the truck):

Handheld Radios (Amateur & Commercial)
Spare battery for each
Gain Antenna for amateur handheld
(2) FRS Radios
Various speaker-mics
Various Headsets
Short antenna cable (BNC) With suction cup for glass
(2) 25’ lengths of RG58A with connectors
Portable “J-Pole” antenna for VHF&UHF
Bag of coaxial adapters (Various-all combinations)
2” belt with radio pouches
400 W Power Inverter
Extension Cord
110V AC three way adapter
Clamp-on desk light
12 Volt Fan w cigarette lighter plug
Razor blade knife
Swiss Army Knife
Alarm Clock
Safety Pins
Rubber Bands
Charger for AA NiCd Batteries
Mini-Mag Light
Pens & Pencils
Rain coat (light weight)
Plastic Bags
Rubber Gloves
Toilet Paper
First Aid Kit
Compact Binoculars
Assorted Clips & Clamps
Wire Ties
Space Blanket
Bag of AA Batteries
Digital Multi-meter
Wind Speed Indicator
Tape measure
Dental floss
Stop Watch
Traffic control flashlight
Traffic cones
Traffic Vest


Radio and equipment belt
3 cell Mag light
Orange cone
Rain Suit
Orange Hat
Radio Shack wind gage
Back brace belt
Medicine (including):
       Ear Plugs
       Mosquito Repellent
Military Flashlight w/red lens
ID Card
Safety Glasses
Note pad & pencil
Leather Gloves
Skywarn Location Map
HT Radio
Ear & Mic, Headset
2 M extension antenna
Tools (including):
       Side Cutters
       Long nose pliers
       Small Hammer
       Straight screwdriver
       Phillips Screwdriver
       Allen Wrenches
       Wire stripper
       Connector crimper
       Cleaning brush
       All purpose tool

Go-bag inventory list for Mike Dewey KC9AOM

Bag # 1, [For all responses]
Kenwood TK 3173 EMA commercial UHF
Kenwood TK 480 Madison County 800
Kenwood TK2180 Madison County VHF
Kenwood THF6A amateur dual band 2 meter and 70 cm
Motorola XTS 5000 SAFE-T 800 mhz digital radio
Spare battery for each radio and speaker mic for most radios.
Spare battery for Minitor V pager
Madison County EMA photo ID card and EMA badge
Diabetic Glucose tablets
Blood test meter
Prescription medications
Eye glasses
Sun glasses
Mini Maglite flash light
Snall LED flashlight
Pens, pencils, ruler, solar powered calculator
2 Gerber knife multi tool combo
Small screwdriver [standard and Phillips]
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide [pocket sized]
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide [pocket sized]
Notepad and clipboard
Reference materials for storm spotting
Copies of SOP and SOG for EMA
EMA Communications Division roster
County EMA roster
Madison County Police roster
County map
State map
District 6 communications response information
Frequency lists
COML response guide and signed task book
2 pair mechanic type gloves
Extra “D” cell flashlight batteries
Cereal snack bars
Trash bag to cover go bag during rain and snowy weather

Bag # 2
Panasonic Tough book lap top computer
Programming cables for all radio we program
Reference materials for radio programming and radio equipment inventory
Jump drives with back up copies of printed lists
Small screwdriver [standard and Phillips] for radio programming

Bag # 3
Kenwood TK480 Madison County 800 mhz radio for JPS
Kenwood TK380 EMA UHF radio for JPS
Motorola XTS2500 SAFE-T 800 mhz digital radio for JPS
Spare batteries for radios
In my car I carry seat shirts, rain suit and knee high rubber boots. A pair of thigh length fire boots. I box of road flares [fuses], D cell flashlights with Traffic wands, traffic vests, 7 tall traffic cones, Portable JPS unit and cable and accessory box, blue haz-mat tote box with haz-mat response equipment.
I carry spare replacement batteries, speaker mics for Operations Division handheld radios. Minitor V pager batteries.

Go Bag for Charlie K9TZJ

The Electronic Bag

6 Bit Screwdriver
small 6 Bit Screwdriver
Needle Nose pliers
Small Utility knife
five binder clips
72 inch tape measure
36" Jumpers
Head phones
assorted rf connectors
Small VOM Meter

Comfort Bag

3 Zagnut Bars
Moist Towelles
Bar Soap
Hand sanitizer
Rubber gloves
Garbage bags
collapsible cup

Main Bag

Plastic sack for transceiver
Deck of Cards
Note Books and post-it
assorted pens and pencils
2 Butane lighters
2 ID badge clips
Swiss Army knife
$3.00 in quarters
2 paper towels
Whistle on Lanyard
Belt holster with a Gerber mutli-tool and flashlight pencil and spare AA batteries
Spare batteries for D-cell Mag-lite
2-cell flashlight w/red cone
adepter from cigar lighter to 3 sockets
leather gloves
2 garbage bags
am/fm radio
2 lite sticks
space blanket
surveyor tape
small first aid kit
Spare AA batteries