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November, 2014    

The next meeting of the ARC is on Tuesday, November 4, at 7:00 PM at the Linwood EOC Training Room. Very soon we’ll be moving to the new EOC but this meeting will be in our regular location. We have important matters to attend to……Nomination of Officers for 2015, our 46th year.

Remember to VOTE on Tuesday. This is a critical election for our Country. Make your voice heard.

The Nominations for Officers for 2015 will be opened at our November meeting. As usual the current slate of officers will be willing to continue, but we’d really like anyone who would like to take on a leadership role to volunteer for a position. The current officers are:

President KC9AOM, Mike Dewey
Vice-President KC9JWO, Alan Weber
Secretary WA9CWE, Steve Riley
Treasurer KB9VE, Tim Galbraith
Trustees KA9SYP, Tom Ecker, KB9VE, Tim Galbraith
Technical Comm. W9EEL, Tom Harbron, WB9ZJR, Guido Politano, WE9G, Brian Boyer
Since Mike has moved we’ll probably have a position for a new President, and an opening on the Technical Committee too.

As you know with the moving of the EOC from Linwood to the new facility at Rangeline and Mounds Road the site for the .09 Repeater and the weather station will be moving. We’re finalizing plans to move it to the County Highway Garage on West 8th. Street. Tom, KA9SYP, has arranged for us to re-install the 90 foot tower that had previously been there to house the .09 repeater and the 443.350 repeater that has been removed from the WGNR tower that is being replaced. We are fortunate that we will continue to have a site that is county property and therefore no cost to us. There may be some downtime in the system as it gets moved, and as we re-establish the internet access, but thanks to Tom we’ll have a good site at the same height as we’ve been accustomed to. The UHF repeater will be lowered from 360 feet to 90 feet, but it’s still better than no site at all.

Thanks to all of you who have been bidding on the equipment that has been donated to the Club in memory of Phil Miller, WB9URL. Our Treasury is being benefitted thanks to Sharon’s kind gift to the Club. We’re in week #7 of the auction and I have a few more items to be made available. As you know the MCARC members have been included in this auction along with equipment that was donated to that Club by the family of Jack Ballentine, W9ETI. The MCARC Treasury has benefitted greatly too.

We are accepting dues for 2015. Please bring your dues to the meeting and/or send the $20 contribution to: Anderson Repeater Club, Inc. PO Box 615 Anderson, IN 46015. We have 33 members for 2014 and we’d like to bring more active members into the Club. If you know of anyone who uses the repeater invite them to join our Club. Also former members who haven’t been active of late are encouraged to join us again. The continued support of the VHF repeaters in our County is a valuable resource.

Remember too our monthly VE Testing opportunities. The third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM we are available at the Anderson Fire Department Training Center building on South MLK. We usually have 5 VE’s available to offer testing to all who show up. The last two months we’ve had no attendees, which is unusual based upon the last two years of testing. Thanks to Paul, KC9BKZ, for his continued leadership of this important event.

Our repeaters have been relatively quiet of late. Remember that others listen, especially during bad weather, and our good operating practices and enthusiasm for our hobby may encourage others to want to be a ham. We need to bring more into the hobby and each of us are the ones that can make that happen. Be a good ambassador for Amateur Radio.

Are you prepared for the upcoming winter season? Are your antennas prepared for the snow and ice that is sure to come? How about your power in the event of a loss of utilities? Can you provide for your family & still monitor your radio for important information? There is still time to do the last minute preventative maintenance on your antennas and equipment. Don’t forget to look over your mobile installation too. We tend to ignore it as long as it works, but a quick check of ground and DC connections along with the antenna feed line to make sure all is well only takes a few minutes.

I’m sorry to report that Harold McDonald, WD9CLA, has been reported as a Silent Key. Harold was a Club member in 1979 only, but had maintained his license thru the years. We are always sad to lose a member of the Ham Community.

I hope that you can make the Run-The-Mounds Communications Exercise on Sunday, November 2 at Mounds Park. Be there about noon for a 1PM race start and we’ll be done by 3PM. This is an excellent and quick test of our short range communications capability. Come out to join us if you can. We’ll be operating thru the .82 repeater this year as we’ve tested our simplex capability for several years.

See you on Tuesday,
73, Steve,
Secretary ARC

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