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November, 2013    

Our next regular meeting is Tuesday, November 5, 7:00PM at the EOC Training Room. There are a number of things we’ll be discussing and also we need to nominate Officers for 2014. As you remember we open nominations at the November meeting and hold the nominations open until the election at the January meeting. We’d like your input at this meeting to offer new blood for the leadership of the Club, and/or to voice satisfaction with the existing crew. We’re willing to continue in our current positions, but we’d always like to have some new folks step up to the responsibilities.

I hope that you remember that our Club has the option of awarding a “Ham Of The Year” to an outstanding member or local ham who: “In recognition of outstanding achievement of the Anderson area amateur who distinguishes himself in public service, friendship, technological and other ideals of Amateur Radio”. The procedure is to submit your nomination in private to a Club Officer. If there are enough votes for a particular person that person will have his/her name inscribed on the plaque in the Training Room and will be awarded the honor at the January meeting. We’ve had 16 awardees since our first in 1973, so we don’t find an exceptional ham every year. Our last awardee was Paul, KC9BKZ, in 2011.

It’s time also to submit your dues for 2014. The yearly contribution is $20.00 payable to: Anderson Repeater Club, Inc. PO Box 615, Anderson, IN 46016 . Right now our expenses and our income seem to be pretty consistent and even, so we can maintain a bit of a balance for an exceptional repair if needed, but we would still like to have new members in our Club and hope that the activities and repeaters we provide is worthy of the continued support of our existing members.

Treasurer Tim, provided me with the following Treasury year-end summary: 2004-$2,237, 2005-$2,417, 2006-$560, 2007-$2,158, 2008-$2,436, 2009-$2,507, 2010-$1,840, 2011-$1,826, 2012-$1,431 and to date 2013-$1,459 .

Congratulations to our member Duane Hoak, N9PVI, for having been awarded one of the highest volunteer honors in the State - the Governor’s Service Awards Lifetime Achievement Award on October 7, 2013. Duane has spent more than 40 years volunteering throughout Madison County in an amazing number of organizations and he still finds time to support our Club and Emergency Management. Thanks, Duane, for honoring us with your support. Take a minute to look at this video:

Mark your calendar for the 2014 StormNet/SKYWARN Training. Tuesday, March 11, is the date. The location is TBD, but you can expect a 7PM to 9PM time period. Remember that we welcome everyone interested in severe weather and especially encourage those who are going to participate with us in our StormNet observer nets to be present

. A recent issue of the ARRL ARES-E letter had an interesting article related to why we are able do what we do. In case you are not on the distribution I’m going to attach it to this mailing. Look it over and see if your interest in the hobby includes Operating Time, Operating Interests, and Self-sufficiency.

If you change your email address, or prefer to have this sent to a different account make certain you reply to me so that I can update my distribution list. The fact that over 95% of our members have e-mail has been a tremendous benefit to our budget. We save over $100 a year in postage avoidance. That’s nearly 15% of our income.

Paul, KC9BKZ, has done a lot of work bringing our weather station software back to life. As you remember the computer that had been running so long in support of the weather station at Linwood died a few months ago. That resulted in not only losing the weather report tie-in to the .09 repeater controller, but also we lost the popular display of the weather data on the internet site. Tim, KB9VE, provided an alternative so that we could still find the information, but we all wanted to be able to get back to what we had previously. Paul jumped in and learned new software and was able to recover a lot of what we had and to rebuild the site to a very close copy of the old one. We obtained a good computer from the EOC and got back on line. This effort took Paul many long nights and a lot of trial and error. Thanks to Paul for his excellent work.

I hope to see you at the meeting.

Steve, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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