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September, 2014    

The next meeting of the Club is Tuesday, September 2, 7:00PM in the EOC Training Room. Please plan to attend.

I’m sorry to report that Richard Fish, W9KWI, of Alexandria is now a Silent Key. Dick was a member of this Club from 1993 to 2000, and had been active in the Madison County Amateur Radio Club.

You may have noticed that in June the Live Weather portion of the internet weather station at Linwood was not responding. Paul, KC9BKZ, spent many hours troubleshooting this problem and even talked with the software developer in England a few times trying to determine the root cause. He was successful in finding the bad file and in July got it up and running again. Good job Paul.

Sharon Miller, KA9KGL (and the ID voice of the .82 repeater) has donated Phil’s (WB9URL) equipment to the Club to boost the treasury. I’ve picked up many items and I’ll be starting the on-line auction in the near future. Since Phil had a good bit of HF equipment and antennas, etc. I’m proposing to the MCARC that their membership participate with our club members on this equipment. Additionally, Jack Ballentine’s (W9ETI) family has donated his equipment to the Madison County Amateur Radio Club. I’m offering that Club the opportunity to put that equipment into our on-line auction too. In that way the Club Members from both clubs will have the opportunity to bid on both batches of equipment and depending upon who’s equipment it is the winning bid will go to that club’s treasury. Phil and Jack each had HF and VHF/UHF equipment, cables, test equipment, etc. so this will be a really neat opportunity.

By the way, the Madison County ARC will be holding their Tailgate Party on Saturday, September 13, from 9AM until 2PM (approximately) at the Military Museum in North Anderson (2330 Crystal St. North of Cross Street a couple of blocks and East of North Broadway).Come out and join in the fun, bring stuff to sell and/or take advantage of VE Testing that will be given on-site to anyone who wants to upgrade. Jack Ballentine’s equipment will be available for purchase or at least viewing.

There are a number of upcoming communications activities here in our County that all are invited to participate:

Mon. Sept. 1 - Madison County ARC Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
Tue. Sept. 2 – ARC Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
Sat/Sun. Sept. 6/7 – MS Bike Ride originating at Hoosier Park. Amateurs will be providing communications utilizing the .82 repeater in addition to others. The MCU will be set up in support of the MCPD assistance both days. Feel free to come out to see what is going on if you would like. APRS will be utilized to track the bike riders. If you have an interest in that aspect of our hobby this might be a good opportunity to see what it’s all about. Alan, KC9JWO, has some experience in working with this group and with APRS, so we’re counting upon his expertise to show us what it’s all about.
Sat. Sept 7 – Indiana Parks on the Air. The MCARC will be set up at Mounds Park making contacts from roughly noon until 8PM if I remember right. Come out to operate or just visit. Everyone is welcome.
Sat. Sept. 13 – MCARC Tailgate Party, 9AM – 2PM at the Military Museum (see above)
Wed. Sept. 17 – VE Testing at the Anderson Fire Training Facility 6:30PM
Sat. Sept. 27 – Show and tell for area Cub Scouts at Camp Kikthawenund from 9:30AM to 4PM. The MCU will be set up to demonstrate EMA Public Service activities, and Dale, KV9W, and others will set up amateur stations to demonstrate our hobby. Come out to support our hobby if you would like. There should be around 140 Cubs and several adults to talk with.
Mon. Oct. 6 – MCARC Meeting
Tue. Oct. 7 – EMA Communications Group Meeting

Our VE Testing Team continues to offer testing the third Wednesday of each month. We had a couple of months with no one to test, but last week we had two successful tests. One was an upgrade and the other was a new licensee. Thanks to the guys who come out every month to make this opportunity available. This is one important way that we can help continue the hobby. Remember too, that if you are taking the General test for example you can take the Amateur Extra test at no additional cost if you declare before testing that you want to take both (that assumes you pass the first one of course).

Perhaps you read the ARRL report indicating that Amateur Radio continues to increase in licensees. Additionally, the recent memorandum of Understanding between FEMA and the ARRL in support of amateurs included in the Incident Command Structure during emergencies is getting a lot of good publicity. Hopefully this will help others interested in contributing get motivated to study for an amateur license.

Perhaps you have heard that our President, Mike, KC9AOM, is retiring from his Pendleton job and moving to Hartford City. We all hope that Mike will be able to continue to participate in the Club. Mike reports that depending upon what happens with his life changes (including getting married) he may/may not volunteer to be President next year. Anyway, this may provide an opportunity for someone who wants to take on a leadership role in the Club.

And yes, I have returned to the ranks of the County EMA Communications organization. I hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday. Bring along any new Show-and-tell items that might be of interest to the members.

73, Steve

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