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July, 2014    

The next meeting of the Club is Tuesday, July 1, 7:00PM in the EOC Training Room. Please plan to attend and bring along any show-and-tell items that you have.

Club activity has been minimal over the last two months. The repeaters have been lightly used, so we need to increase our monitoring and use of the systems. Please identify and use the systems regularly.

You may have noticed that in mid-June the tower was removed from the bank building. Our .82 repeater had used that antenna site since the building was constructed in 1971. Due to changing ownership of the building and a cellular site company now leasing the roof of the building we have moved our primary antenna to the sign (which was our “Low antenna”). We’ve been using that antenna since winter, and the results have been acceptable. We have a good relationship with the building managers so we don’t think that there are any issues with our continued use of the site. Allow the Club trustee and officers to manage this relationship please.

Our VE Team continues to conduct monthly license testing on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your license class locally. Remember too that if you are going for your General Class license you can also declare that you want to take the Amateur Extra Class license test and assuming you pass the General you can take the Extra at no additional cost. Otherwise you have to pay an additional $15 to take the test. Even if you aren’t well prepared you at least get exposed to the test questions without extra cost. Thanks to the VE’s for being there each month.

Our presentation last month by Frank, WA9JWL, related to D-Star was very interesting. It showed the future of our hobby, at least one aspect of it. Of course one of the great things about this hobby are the many different things that an amateur can get involved in be it DX’ing, Contesting, Satellite communication, local Public Service or the many different communications modes. There is no limit to what we can get involved in.

Remember the Indy Hamfest is Saturday, July 12, 6AM to 3PM at the Marion County Fairgrounds. This is always a good get-together. Tickets are $8 at the gate, and if you want to set up in the Flea Market there is usually an additional $5 charge.

I hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday.


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