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July, 2013    

The July meeting of the Club will be held on Tuesday, July 2, 7:00 PM at the EOC Training Room. In addition to our regular business we will have a presentation by Lou Everett, WA9LOU, the ARRL Indiana Section Manager, and Doreen Everett, AE5QM, the Affiliated Club Coordinator. Lou and Doreen visited the MCARC meeting earlier in the year and their presentation and information was well received. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the ARRL.

Our Club has been an “AFFILIATED CLUB” of the American Radio Relay League since early in our existence. The primary requirement is that the membership be composed of at least 51% ARRL members. That is the reason that we ask all of our applicants if they are an ARRL member and that we ask if you become a member or let your ARRL membership lapse that you let the Secretary know. Our membership is well over the minimum requirement, but we encourage everyone to become an ARRL member as they are the primary voice for amateur radio in Washington.

It’s also appropriate to note that all members of our Club are also considered full members of the Madison County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service). As you may remember in 2012 we voted to approve an agreement with the Madison County EC (at that time Dale, KV9W) that all members of our Club would automatically become members of ARES unless the person specifically announced that they did not want to be an ARES member. The MCARC also approved the same agreement. Therefore, we are all ARES members. ARES in Madison County has not traditionally been particularly active since our interface with and support of emergency services in Madison County has been thru the Emergency Management Communications Division which most of us are members anyway. However, ARES is specifically written into our Communications Plan as a resource for communications personnel and specifically low band communications.

Welcome also to our new member Mike Berisford, W9AIX. Mike’s call was initially KC9YQE until he received the new vanity call. Mike was approved at the May meeting and we welcome him to the Club. Mike’s currently operating with a handheld on VHF/UHF, but expects to be on the low bands soon. Mike is also active in the Communications Division.

July amateur activities include the Indy Hamfest on Saturday, July13. This Hamfest starts early and ends by about 3PM. It’s a good one if you like flea markets. Plan to attend to pick up your needed items for those projects you’ve been putting off. Note too that it’s moved back to the Marion County Fairgrounds, so don’t go to last years location.

VE testing is on Wednesday, July 17, at 7:00PM at the Anderson Fire Department Training Center on south MLK Blvd. We’re actually there by 6:30 and it’s typical for people to start showing up about then. Remember that we host this opportunity every month, so if you are thinking about upgrading start studying and we’ll be ready for you. There are free on-line tests at and others that you can get a subscription for to assist you in your preparation. Our VE testing team led by Paul, KC9BKZ, continues to support this monthly testing schedule. We typically have four or five VE’s show up and three or four people show up to be tested. The people coming to be tested for new licenses or upgrades have been very well prepared and we are happy to provide our congratulations for a successful test. Paul was particularly pleased in June because we had a person with a permanent address in California show up to be tested!That’s a new record for the farthest to come. It’s not too unusual to have an Illinois or Ohio resident to drive to Anderson to be tested, but CA is really something. Actually, this person had a temporary job assignment in Indianapolis and decided to come up to our testing opportunity. He passed.

The State RACES Test is scheduled for Saturday, July 27. We expect it to start at 9AM, and should run until noon at the latest. For this test each County is expected to actually conduct an exercise of some type rather than just do a net check-in. Therefore, we will be conducting an exercise in which we’ll ask our members to actually go to a designated location and establish communications. Also the EOC/ECC will be activated to coordinate the event and establish communications with other counties and the State. This should be a fun event, so plan to participate.

The Indiana Air Race is Saturday, August 10. Alan, KC9JWO, is leading our activity in setting up a checkpoint in the western part of our County for that event. If you can help, contact Alan.

The 443.350 WA9CWE/R repeater will be changing soon. As a result of Moody Broadcasting, WGNR, putting up a new guyed tower and taking down the 450 foot freestanding tower that has been located on 53rd. street since the early ‘50’s, we have lost our antenna site. Actually we haven’t lost it, but we can’t afford the cost of installing an antenna on the new tower. Moody is willing to let us have the site at no cost, but we don’t have the funds for the tower work ($6.5k to put up new, or $8.4K to move the antenna and feedline from the existing tower). We have an alternative site, but it won’t be nearly as high as the 380 foot 10dB antenna that we have used since the ‘80’s with Chief Engineer Dave Hood, WA9IVB, and WLHN. Moody Broadcasting has been very good to us since they bought the site in 1998 and we appreciate greatly their generous offer to let us remain at no cost. This repeater is also a part of our County Communications Plan and it’ll continue to function at a lower height but won’t be nearly as wide area coverage as in times past. We’ll maintain our current location until the new tower is up and Moody starts tearing down the old one.

As you remember our Club has some test equipment that is available for loan to the members. We have a Bird Wattmeter with appropriate slugs, a Vacuum Tube Voltmeter and a radio direction finder. We will have this equipment at the meeting and a demonstration of how it works will be provided. We also need a member to be the “keeper” of it, track the loans, etc. If you want to provide this function let the President know.

See you at the meeting on Tuesday.


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