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May, 2015    

The regular Club meeting will be on Tuesday, May 5, 7:00PM at the EOC on Mounds Road. Please plan to attend. We should be able to see Alanís new 220 Repeater. This should be of interest to those of you who have never actually seen a repeater RF package. Iíll also have the 443.35 repeater package for you to see.

Iím sorry to report that we have two Silent Keys since our last meeting. Don Merritt, WB9YNN, became a Silent Key on April 2. Don was a member for 21 years from 1977 until 2002. Crutch King, W9OJH, passed on April 20, was a founding Club member in 1970, and was active in the club for 24 years until 1993. Crutch actually helped build the first set of Duplexers that we had for the .82 repeater. They were built from 6 inch diameter copper tubing & Crutch provided that in addition to many of the other needed parts and construction. We will miss both of these past members.

Welcome to new member Mike Hoggatt, KD9CDO. Mike attended the March meeting and presented his membership application after the meeting. Weíll be voting for his full membership at the meeting. Mike also passed his Amateur Extra license test at the April VE testing session and has become a member of the EMA Comm. Division. Congratulations and welcome to Mike. Our current membership is 27 for 2015. Check the web site for the current listing. I have been sending out the membership certificates so you should have received it if I have received your dues (or Tim has).

If you made it to the Open House for the new EOC I hope that you found it to be interesting. We had a chance to show off our amateur radio importance, and Tom really emphasized it in various interviews. The County Club has been very supportive of the communications effort and had a very good display. Also they just put up a new vertical HF antenna. Our VHF/UHF amateur equipment is working fine with the attic mounted antennas.

Our VE testing has been going well. At our first VE session at the new EOC in March we had 6 attend, and all went away with a new license or an upgrade. In April we had 2 attendees and both were successful. Thanks to the VEís who faithfully attend each monthly session. If you have considered upgrading to General or Amateur Extra put in a few hours of study and come out to test.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 6 for the White River Run Communications Exercise. Be at the Shadyside Lake Activity Center about 7:00AM for assignment and preparation for the 8:00AM race start. We should be done by 10:30. This is an excellent and quick communications exercise. Come out to help and train.

Tim, KB9VE, has moved the weather station to the new EOC. Thanks to Tim for getting this up and running and feeding reports to the various internet sites. He also has two consoles in the EOC to display current information.

We are very close to moving the .09 repeater to the new site in Pendleton. Last Saturday we moved the rack panel we intend to house it in to the new location. The RF package will move in the coming weeks. Thanks to Tim, KB9VE, and Tom, KA9SYP, for working out a way to keep an internet access active even though weíve shut down almost everything at Linwood.

Iíve pulled the 443.35 repeater down from Linwood in preparation for the move to Pendleton. It will get a checkout then weíll reinstall it at the new site. See it at our meeting.

Alan, KC9JWO, has received his new 220 Repeater Package and is getting it going. It was operational at the EOC Open House, and Alanís keeping it on the air with an inside antenna to work out any issues with the package and controller programming. Thanks to Alan for his commitment to this project financially (itís all his money) and with the time it takes to bring this system on-line. If you have 220 equipment be sure you get with Alan to work with him in bringing this system to itís full potential. There are a number of possibilities available with it.

Iím happy to report that our very active member Dale, KV9W, has accepted a position with the EMA Warning Division in support of Tom, W9EEL. Dale has a lot of interest in the weather and is coming up to speed quickly with what is needed for warning and weather functions. Thanks to Dale for his interest. Dale is an excellent example of ďIf you need something done give it to a busy manĒ. Heís very busy contributing to both Clubs, EMA, his Church and Iím sure many things that I donít know about.

Madison County has again been confirmed as a ďStorm Ready CommunityĒ by the National Weather Service. This month the NWS guys came up for an on-site assessment of our capability. Tom & Tom met with them at the Central Dispatch Center and also the EOC to review all aspects of our severe weather warning plan. Continued certification requires a data update every two years and a physical visit every 6 years. Of course our StormNet Observer Program plays a large role in our successful re-certification. Thanks to all of you who faithfully participate for keeping our system strong.

Remember this other activities upcoming:
May 2 Indiana QSO Party, 12 noon until midnight
May 4 MCARC Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
May 5 ARC Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
May 15-17 Dayton Hamvention
May 20 VE Testing, 6:30 at the EOC
June 1 MCARC Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
June 2 Comm. Div. Meeting, 7PM at the EOC
June 6 White River Run Comm. Exercise, 7AM at Shadyside
June 17 VE Testing, 6:30 at the EOC
June 27-28 Field Day

I hope to see you on Tuesday evening at the meeting.


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