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May, 2014    

The next meeting of the Club is Tuesday, May 6, 7:00PM in the EOC Training Room. Frank Dick, WA9JWL, will be presenting the D-STAR digital communications technology to us. There is a digital repeater here in Anderson and Frank will fill us in.

As you know we conducted a members only on-line auction of equipment donated to the Club during February and March. I appreciate the level of interest and the significant boost to the treasury as a result of this activity. To summarize:
$1,061.00 Total added to the Club Treasury
11 Different Members won bids
16 Different Members bid on items
26 Items offered
79 Total bids
Thanks to all who participated. A few of the items had quite spirited competition, and several had only one bid. Anyway, I hope that you were happy with the manner in which it was conducted and with the items that you won. The intent was to benefit the Club treasury and it did by providing over a yearís worth of dues increase and also to provide a benefit to paid members by offering them items that increase their enjoyment of the hobby.

As an additional thought if you have equipment or other items that you no longer want and think that others might like to have and if you are willing to donate it to the Club we can continue to do on-line auctions to the members. This would be a way to clean out your closet and contribute to the Club treasuryÖ.Plus you donít have to haul it back and forth to the Hamfests. Let the Secretary, Steve, WA9CWE, know if you want to donate.

Our VE Testing has been somewhat slow for the last couple of months. We have had 5 or 6 Volunteer Examiners at each session prepared to offer the test to anyone who shows up. If you have an interest in upgrading your license take advantage of this monthly opportunity. Itís the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 to 7:00 PM starting time (Anderson FD Training Center on MLK Blvd.).

The Indiana QSO Party is on Saturday, May 3.

Remember the ďWhite River RunĒ Communications Exercise on Saturday, May 10. Be at the Shadyside Park Activity Center about 7AM for your assignment. Come prepared for weather, communications and bring any vest/ID that you have. The run should be over by about 10AM. Mike, KC9AOM, is leading the communications so notify him if you can in advance, or just show up if you find that at the last minute you can help. Itís a good training event for all of us and also shows off Amateur Radio to others. The runners are always appreciative of our help.

The Dayton Hamvention is Friday thru Sunday, May 16 to 18. Put this on your calendar and plan to attend. This is a great opportunity to see the newest equipment, antennas and other hobby items. Itís also a great flea market.

Field Day is June 28 and 29. The MCARC will again this year be actively participating. Plan to attend the FD site and operate. Even if you hold a Technician Class License you can operate the low band stations with an appropriate grade Control Operator present. Use this to get your feet wet in low band contesting and get the bug to upgrade.

We have 31 members who have paid their dues for 2014. So there are at least 6 of you that we need to hear from. Please submit your $20 dues contribution to: Anderson Repeater Club, Inc. PO Box 615, Anderson, In 46015. Or, better yet bring your dues to the meeting upcoming. I have membership certificates for those of you who have already paid for 2014. Any Iím not able to pass out in May will be mailed.

The County Emergency Management Agency has implemented a new Warning system that can provide any citizen with a warning message by telephone, cell phone, text message or email in the event of a serious situation in our County. Get on the EMA Web Site and sign up for this free resource.

See you at the meeting on Tuesday.


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