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March, 2015    

Our next Club meeting will be on Tuesday, March 3, 7:00 PM at the NEW EOC on Mounds Road. If you have not had an opportunity to see the facility please take advantage of this meeting. We would like to show it to you. I think that you will find it to be a more inviting environment. Also itís handicap accessible. Turn in the gated (open) drive to the County facility and drive north to the Tee, turn right and go to the furthest east building (closest to Mounds Park).

As you will read in the Minutes of the January Meeting we now have a new President, Alan, KC9JWO. We look forward to his leadership and your participation in 2015. The only changes in our Officer corps is Alan as President and Dale, KV9W has joined the Technical Committee. Thanks to the current Officer team for being willing to continue and also to Alan and Dale for taking on some important positions. Note that we still need a Vice-President.

We are accepting dues for 2015. For those who have already made their contribution you should have either received your membership certificate in the mail or Iíll have it available for you at the meeting. Those weíve received dues for are: KC9AOM, WB9BSU, WA9CWE, KB9DXO, N9DR, K9DYR, W9EEL, K9IND, KC9JWO, KC9LGP, KB9NTG, KC9RMO, KB9SCC, WA9STB, KA9SYP, K9TZJ, KB9VE, KV9W, KB9WI, N9ZAF. If you have not paid for this year come to the meeting and renew or send it to: Anderson Repeater Club, Inc. PO Box 615, Anderson, IN 46015. It remains $20.00 per year. We need the continued support of everyone to keep the bills paid and provide a bit of a cushion should there be significant repeater issues.

The Linwood EOC is effectively closed, but Tom has elected to keep the power on in the building to support the .09 repeater the IRLP link and the weather station until we can get moved to the new site at the County Highway Garage. The tower needs to be erected and our equipment moved. We have the antenna, feedline and splitter to handle the job, and now need some decent weather. Please be patient during the transition as some features may be temporarily inoperable until the new site is fully prepared.

As you probably know the UHF repeater will also be relocated to this site, and Iím happy to report that Alan, KC9JWO, is going to install a 220 MHz. repeater at this site too. Since we have a tri-band antenna to utilize on the top of the tower we may as well take full advantage of it. Tim, KB9VE, will continue to Trustee the .09 repeater, Steve, WA9CWE, will Trustee the UHF repeater, and Alan will Trustee the 220 repeater. Alan has some really neat ideas to implement into this system. Come to the meeting him explain them.

The StormNet Training is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 7:00 PM at HOOSIER PARK. Please take advantage of this opportunity to improve your severe weather observation skills. Invite anyone who has an interest in severe weather recognition. We expect another excellent presentation by a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, Indianapolis. Our repeaters have been very quiet over the last few months. Although I suspect that most of us are monitoring, we really need to increase the activity. You have no doubt noticed that the clock function didnít get reset. In a few days itíll be correct again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Use that as a reminder to reset your clocks the Sunday after our meeting and before the StormNet Class.

I hope to see you on Tuesday.


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