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Minutes of Meeting November 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1904 by the President, Mike, KC9AOM. Everyone was welcomed.

The Minutes from the last meeting were approved upon a motion by KB9NTG and a second by KC9JWO that they be approved as printed in the Newsletter. All present were in favor.

Steve reported that WD9CLA has been reported as a Silent Key. Harold had been a member of the Club in the 80s.

Tim, KB9VE, reported as Treasurer: Initial Balance $2,529.18. Disbursements of $7.14 for the Corporate ID Fee, $20.98 for the Domain Name registration & $69.93 for a Duplexer for the new .09/UHF repeater location for a total disbursement of $98.05. There were no sources of income for a new total of $2,431.13. Upon motion of W9EEL and second by KV9W all present accepted the report.

.82 repeater Report Tom, KA9SYP, reported that it was still on the air & works fine.

.09 Repeater Report Tim, KB9VE, reported that its working fine as is the IRLP link. The move to the new site shouldnt change the coverage much, but the overall site might be 15 feet lower than the Linwood site. We all need to be patient as we get things moved & reestablish the Internet link as that might take a while.

UHF Repeater Report Steve, WA9CWE, discussed the move from the WGNR site to the temporary site at Linwood and the next move to the County Highway Garage.

It was noted that the Clock on the .82 Repeater is an hour off due to the time change and the controller not being updated. Our member who used to take care of it isnt available any more.

EMA Report Tom, KA9SYP, reported on the new EOC progress. Interior painting to occur next week. We plan to move the second week in December and have movers coming to move most stuff. Some items like the radios & computers well move ourselves. Hes awaiting 2 new grants. A new E911 Director has been hired (hes from Kokomo & has experience with consolidation of dispatch centers). The new County Communications System has been finalized & the County Council will approve costs on the 12th. Motorola plans to have it completely changed out in less than 12 months. Itll be P25 Phase 1 and maybe phase 2. The structure may be with 5 repeater sites & 3 backups. Each responder will have a handheld, and rolling stock will have mobiles. Our 2015 EMA budget came out OK. No cut. The generator on the Linwood building may get disconnected tomorrow. Also there are a lot of gloves available and everyone is invited to take some.

It was discussed that WHBU now has an FM station on 103.7 that has the same programming as 1240.

EMA Warning Report Tom, W9EEL, reported that the rain is moving out. The National Weather Service forcasts are for average temperature & dry in Nov/Dec/Jan. February may be cooler & dry. March to be average & Dry. Spring will be average.

New Member Applications None

Correspondence None

The Fort Wayne Hamfest is November 15 & 16.

Old Business None

New Business None

If anyone wants to make a nomination for the Ham-Of-the-Year contact Steve (WA9CWE) or Tim (KB9VE).

Mike, KC9AOM, announced that he is not going to run for the President position again since hes moved, but Election of Officers for 2015 will be conducted at the January meeting. There were no initial nominations.

Steve is accepting dues for 2015 membership.

Show-And-Tell Doug, N9DR, discused a new ICOM ID5100 mobile rig. It is a dual band with D-Star capability. It has a touch screen, menu driven that is pretty good. It has GPS and an SD Card slot for memory & programming.

Mike, KC9AOM, reported that Connect Systems is going to offer an SDR called the UH TS-7000 for $249. Its suppose to have capabilities for D-Star, Mototurbo, Analog, NextEdge, P25, fusion. A handheld is suppose to be available for $289 at some point.

A motion to adjourn was offered by KC9JWO with a second by KB9WI at 2030. All were in favor. There were 12 present.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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