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Minutes of Meeting – November 5, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1902 by the President, Mike, KC9AOM. Everyone was welcomed and invited to sign the attendance sheet.

Everyone reported having received the Newsletter and Minutes of the September meeting. Upon motion of K9TZJ and second of KB9WI, a move to approve the Minutes as printed in the Newsletter was unanimously approved.

There were no illnesses or Silent Keys reported.

In the absence of the Treasurer, Secretary Steve, WA9CWE, read the report from the Treasurer: The balance brought forward from the last meeting is $1,555.22. Disbursements of $71.14 for a new modem for the EOC/Weather Station/IRLP link and $25 for s memorial for WA9STB’s daughter results in a total disbursement of $96.14. There were no credits, so the new checking balance is $1,459.08. K9TZJ and KB9WI moved that the report be accepted as given. All were in favor.

.82 Repeater Report – Trustee Tom, KA9SYP, had not reports of issues. Steve reported that a new ham who lives in the southwest part of the county and travels daily to Fishers could not get into the repeater with a handheld inside the car. Most everyone agreed that this is not unusual for that distance. If anyone notices any loss of sensitivity in the system notify Steve so it can be checked.

.09 Repeater Report – Trustee Tim, KB9VE, was not present. No one had any issues to report. UHF Repeater – Trustee Steve, WA9CWE, noted that there has not been any progress on the new tower at the WGNR site, so he’s not worried about relocating the repeater. There is a contingency plan for when the self-supporting tower is removed. We discussed the history of the tower briefly.

Web Site – Web Master Paul, KC9BKZ, said that it’s working OK. He is preparing to populate the calendar for next year, so if there are any changes or adds, please contact him. Steve asked for items of interest to place on the site.

Dick, WA9STB, commented that the MCARC Christmas Party is December 7.

Weather Station – No report of any issues.

EMA Update – Director Tom, KA9SYP, reported that the budget for next year was submitted and approved. The State must actually approve it and that’s likely to happen in the Jan/Feb time frame. Spending will start in January. It’s basicly a copy of last years’ budget, so we should fare OK. The EMA Christmas Party is November 30, 5PM in Alexandria. There are a number of nice gifts this year. This party is for all EMA volunteers and their family, so the communications members are encouraged to attend too. He expects the Sheriff and Police Chief to attend. Last month the Anderson Police Dept. put on a picnic for the FST members. It was very nice and appreciated. A nice plaque was presented. Last week was the State EMAI Directors Conference in Indianapolis. This year a new yearly award is being offered for an “Outstanding EMA Director”. This award is in the name of C.R. Brown, and our county was given this award in his honor. Both of Dick’s daughters were given a copy of the award too. They are also offering a scholarship in his name. Dick was a founder and early leader of the State Director group. Tom mentioned the new technology being implemented in the EOC with new computers, wireless and video conferencing implemented with the help of the IT team from the Government Center. New monitors are being planned for downstairs. He has a “camera drone” on order and Anderson PD is ordering one too. There is also a portable camera system. We’ll be the keepers of this technology, so anyone interested in helping with it let him know. There is a use policy being drafted to provide for how these are to be used. There is also a new web site for approved EMA apparel. This will be reviewed at the next FST and Communications Division meetings. The HAZMAT Team has received the equipment ordered. Only one high-priced item is needed for them to become a Type 2 team. We discussed that the low cost amateur/commercial handhelds coming out of China are becoming an issue because people are buying them and using them anywhere. Tom mentioned that at the last State Exercise there were a lot of the responder groups using them. This can become a significant issue for interference and non-members getting on our licensed frequencies. Larry, KB9SCC, believes that he has already heard one instance on our Dispatch Channel recently.

Steve discussed the Run-The-Mounds Communications Exercise last Sunday. We had 20 communications there, a new record for us. The weather was great and it was an excellent event. Thanks to all who helped and we’d encourage anyone who has not participated to plan to attend next year. There were actually 7 hams who had not helped before, and not all were EMA members.

Weather Report – Tom, W9EEL, noted that we had “tricks” on Halloween night. The NWS issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning even though there was no convective activity. There were wind gusts in our county reported in the 30-35 MPH range, and the weather station at Exit 219 reported a gust of 54 MPH. It was an unusual frontal passage. There was an informal net called with about a half dozen making reports or checking in, but it was such a quick event that a more formal net wasn’t needed. It passed thru the County in a few minutes. Tom also expects and average fall weather situation.

New Member Applications – None

Upcoming Events – The Fort Wayne Hamfest is November 16 and 17. We reviewed the announcement. We’ve received a free parking pass to use as a door prize tonight. VE testing is Wednesday, November 20 and December 18 as usual. We didn’t have anyone come to the last session, an unusual event. We also reviewed the next meetings in November and December.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Mike mentioned that the election of Officers for 2014 will be held at the January meeting and the floor is open for nominations now. There were no nominations made. They stay open until the next meeting. Also if anyone wants to nominate a HOTY contact Steve.

The Secretary is accepting dues for 2014. Several were received at the meeting.

Show and Tell – Gene, KB9WI, reported that he’s gotten a 2013 Prius to replace his 2008 model. The new one has no noise problems on any of the ham bands. He has discussed in the past how bad the 2008 model was.

The Door Prize drawing for the parking pass for the Fort Wayne Hamfest was won by Cautt, N9ZAF.

Upon motion of K9TZJ and KB9SCC the meeting was closed at 1950. There were 12 members and 1 visitor present.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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