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Minutes of Meeting – September 2, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1900 by the Vice-President, Alan, KC9JWO. President Mike, KC9AOM, was not available this evening. All members present reported as having received their Newsletter, and upon motion of KB9WI and second by KB9SCC to approve the Minutes as printed in the Newsletter all were in favor.

There were no illnesses or Silent Keys to report.

Our Treasurer, Tim, KB9VE, was unable to attend, so he provided the following report delivered by the Secretary: Checking Balance Forward: $2,582.67. Disbursements: $80 for PO Box, $13.49 for domain renewal for a total disbursement of $93.49. Income: Dues $40. New checking balance: $2,529.18. Upon motion of KB9WI and second by KB9NTG to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented all were in favor.

.82 Repeater Report: Tom, KA9SYP, indicated there have been no complaints since we’ve been operating on the low antenna this year. The system still works fine.

.09 Repeater Report: Steve, WA9CWE, reported that Tim says that it has been working fine. Weather station is OK also as is the IRLP.

UHF Repeater Report: Steve, WA9CWE, reports that it is still working OK. Little activity. Also no indication of any tower work being done at the site.

Web site: Steve reported that the Membership list has been updated and the Membership History listing still needs to be updated. He’ll forward that to Paul.

EMA Report: Tom reported that at the Commissioner’s meeting this morning there was activity around choosing a new mass notification system supplier for next year. The current supplier is not able to meet the requirements. Next week the remodeling bids for the new EOC will be reviewed. There is a 6 year payback for closing Linwood it appears.

Weather Update: Tom, W9EEL, reported that the cool weather broke in mid-August bringing back the seasonal pattern. Since the solar radiation is weaker we can expect a tranquil weather pattern for the year. There are no major storms on the horizon. Some are predicting a mild winter.

There are no new membership applications. Tim checked the mailbox today. There is also no correspondence.

Upcoming Events:

Sat. Sept. 6 the MCARC will be set up at Mounds Park for Parks on the Air. Set up about 10AM, operate from noon until about 6PM. Dale, KV9W, leading operations. Sat/Sun. Sept. 6/7 the MCU will be set up for the MS Bike Ride event at Hoosier Park. Everyone invited to drop by. Sat. Sept. 13 the MCARC Tailgate Party at the Military Museum. 9 to 1 with VE Testing from 10-12. Everyone is invited to come out to sell/visit. Sat. Sept. 20 the MCARC will be operating from the Frankton Heritage Days. Set up at 8AM prior to the parade. Operate until 6PM. Also the MCEMA Outreach Trailer will be there to pass out information. Sat. Sept. 27 the MCU will be out at Camp Kikthawenund for a Cub Scout show-and-tell. Also Dale will set up an Amateur Station to demonstrate. Everyone is welcome to help out. 9AM to 4PM.

September has been declared “Emergency Preparedness Month” by the government. Information available at

The state will not be doing a summer RACES Test. The next one is scheduled for January. Dale reported that a statewide ARES test is trying to be pulled together for November 3 or 8. More information upcoming.

Old Business: None

New Business: Steve, WA9CWE, reported that Sharon Miller had donated Phil’s equipment to the Club to increase the Treasury. There is quite a bit of equipment available and he’ll plan to run a member on-line auction again like we did in the spring. Additionally, the MCARC has equipment donated by Jack Ballentine’s (W9ETI) family. This equipment will be offered too as a combined auction for both club’s members. This should benefit both treasuries and also the members. Tim, KB9VE, will take care of delivering the equipment and taking the money as was done last time. Upon a motion by WA9CWE and a second by KA9SYP that the club conduct the auction in conjunction with the MCARC all members present voted in favor.

Show-and-tell: Dale, KV9W showed and discussed the TG Electronics “black box” that takes a battery (12V) input and boosts it to 13.8V. Dale operates exclusively on 12V for his amateur station and some transmitters don’t like the lower battery voltage. This device holds the voltage up with battery voltages down to about 10V. Dale researched the available devices (MFJ sells a similar device) and concluded that the TGE had the best reviews. They make versions that accommodate 40A and also 80A. Price is about $160. Dale will be using a 110AH marine battery for his portable operations with this device and expects to have plenty of capacity for his operations. Dale has also incorporated some small digital DC voltmeters that are available for a few dollars on-line (also advertised in QST). These have worked out well and he is also using them to monitor his solar cell charging system voltages.

Tom, KA9SYP, reported that EMA is considering a Cadet or Explorer Post sponsorship to get young people interested in Emergency Management. Not sure that there is enough support within the organization as it takes at least 3 committed members to lead this group. Amateur Radio training would be a big part of this groups training. If anyone is interested contact Tom.

Technical Presentation: None

Upon motion of KB9SCC and second by KB9NTG the meeting was closed at 1947. There were 11 members who signed the Attendance Sheet.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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