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Minutes of Meeting – September 3, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1900 by the President, Mike, KC9AOM. There were 13 members and 2 guests present, so we all introduced ourselves.

The Newsletter was received by everyone and upon motion of K9TZJ and N9ZAF it was moved that the Minutes of the last meeting be approved as printed in the Newsletter. All were in favor. There were no Silent Keys or illnesses to report. Dale, KV9W, announced that Dick’s (WA9STB) daughter was very ill and she and her family need our prayers.

The Treasurer, Tim, KB9VE, reported that the initial checking balance was $1,683.67. Disbursements of $9.20 for stamps and $119.25 for a replacement data logger resulted in disbursements of $128.45. That brings the treasury to $1,555.72. Upon motion of W9EEL and second by KB9SCC that the Treasurer’s report be approved all members present were in favor.

.82 Repeater Report – Trustee Tom, KA9SYP, had nothing to report.

.09 Repeater Report – Trustee Tim, KB9VE, said that it was still running well with no problems. The IRLP is working and the only issue is that the ID has a gap where the time and temperature used to be announced before the computer crashed.

UHF Repeater Report – Trustee Steve, WA9CWE, reported it’s still working OK. There appears to be some activity at the WGNR site toward putting up the new tower, but it’s not moving very quickly.

WebSite Report – Paul, KC9BKZ, reported that it’s doing fine. He still needs new input.

EMA Report – Director Tom, KA9SYP, updated us on the budget hearings that are going on. There is a new District equipment trailer coming. Also the HAZMAT Team has items coming to get to a Level 2 Team.

Weather Report – Tom, W9EEL, commented on the relatively calm and cool weather we’ve had. A low pressure area in the north has stayed put resulting in winds from the northwest rather than the south that usually occurs this time of the year. The result is us staying cooler and dryer than usual.

New Member Applications – None

Correspondence – None

Upcoming Activities – The MCARC will operate Parks on the Air this Saturday upcoming noon to 8PM. All are welcome. On the 21st. they’ll be set up to operate at the Frankton Heritage Days.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Show and Tell – Nothing

Technical Session – Tim, KB9VE, made a presentation on the Weather Stations that the Club and EMA maintain. He reported that on July 9 at 11:36PM the computer on the weather station at Linwood died. He explained and showed the new weather page that he got up and going temporarily. Tim also showed pictures of the various weather stations around including the Davis Vantage Pro that is at Linwood and his house, and the Vantage Vue model that is at Pendlton and WA9WE has. We talked about each unit and their capabilities. Tim also explained the “data logger” device that allows the data from the weather station to go to the web or to a local computer. If it dumps directly to the web it goes to a Davis web site. We also dump data to Weather Underground. If it comes out of Davis it only goes each 15 minutes. If it comes directly from the weather station it goes every 3 or 4 seconds. This date is kept forever on the site, so you can go back to any day and see what the weather was.

Tim also showed the “weather bugs” that Tom, W9EEL has on the EMA site and other sites where weather stations can be seen. There are several throughout the county that can be monitored. Several of us use computer software “SandySoft” to show the station data.

Tim discussed the computer failure and how he got it up and going again. Also Paul, KC9BKZ, who has been at work recovering the old program from the failed computer. There was a lot of discussion with regard to how the recovered site needed to look. The overall consensus was to make it as much like the old site as possible due to the familiarity with it by users.

Charlie, K9TZJ, offered a motion that the Club spend up to $125 for an upgraded version of the software needed. There was discussion about the lack of technical support offered by the supplier of the software. No second was offered, and Paul was going to continue to work with the supplier to try to get our current version back in service. If this doesn’t work out we’ll address the motion again.

The meeting was closed at 2045. There were 15 present.

Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, Anderson Repeater Club, Inc.

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