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Repeater Club, Inc. 

Minutes of Meeting – May 6, 2014

The meeting was called to order by the President, Mike, KC9AOM, at 1905. Everyone was welcomed and asked if each member received their Newsletter. All reported yes. Upon motion of K9TZJ and second by KV9W all voted in favor of accepting the Minutes of the last meeting as printed in the Newsletter.

There were no Silent Keys or illnesses to report.

Treasurer Tim, KB9VE, reported: Initial checking balance of $1,666.67. Disbursements of $10 to the IRCC. Income was $100 in dues and $826 from the equipment auction resulting in a final balance of $2,582.67. Upon a motion by KV9W and second by K9TZJ all were in favor of accepting the report as presented.

.82 Report – Trustee Tom, KA9SYP, was not present but there were no reports of issues with the repeater.

.09 Report – Trustee Tim, KB9VE, reported that the repeater was working fine.

UHF Repeater – Trustee Steve, WA9CWE, reported that it is still working fine. There is no indication that the new tower at the WGNR site is going up.

Web Site – Paul, KC9BKZ, was not present. Steve reported that Paul had updated the site with the latest membership list and Newsletters and meeting minutes. Paul is still requesting items to put on the site.

Weather Station – Tim, KB9VE, reported that the station is working fine. It was reported that the station at Exit 219 needs the battery replaced, so it quits transmitting about 3AM until the sun comes up. Steve has a battery to replace it with ASAP.

EMA Report – None

Weather Update – Tom, W9EEL, reported that the Sub Polar is north of us now allowing warmer weather. The danger of real severe weather is past for the spring. The Sub Tropical will be moving up next month. This will offer the possibility of some severe weather.

New Member Applications – None.

Correspondence – None

Upcoming Activities – The White River Run is this coming Saturday. Be at Shadyside Activity Center by 7:30AM. Mike still needs additional communicators for this event. The Dayton Hamvention is the next weekend. Alan, KC9JWO, reported that there is an upcoming bike event, the Bikes Crusing the Crossroads on September 6 and 7. The start and finish is at Hoosier Park. There will be 30, 50,75 and 100 mile loops. Mike Palmer is coordinating the activity. The Parks on the Air is September 6.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Steve, WA9CWE, reviewed the Auction activity and thanked everyone for participating and giving the Club treasury a boost.

Frank, WA9JWL, was introduced and offered a presentation on “An Introduction to D-Star”. Some notes: AOR had a plugin about 15 years ago & Alinco is presently offering a radio in addition to ICOM. In the late ‘90’s the JARL developed the D-Star protocol. It is an open architecture. An analog to Digital converter chip for it is available for about $20. ICOM was first to offer it in a radio. AMBE Vocoder chip. Can be used on simplex, repeaters and linked systems (similar to IRLP). Bandwidth allows 3 D-Star repeaters to be coordinated in the space of one FM repeater. This mode has a 2dB advantage to FM. Can be used on HF (SSB) in addition to VHF/UHF FM. A digital signal is free from noise until it drops out. On HF it sounds a lot like FM with no background noise until the signal voice comes in. The protocol allows voice with keyboard data at the same time. Each keyup sends the station call letters or a preprogrammed message. There are several different devices available to interface the computer to the radio. The local D-Star repeater is at the Anderson/Madison County Comm Center. D-Star repeaters in Indianapolis are easily usable here. There are several throughout the State. D-Star is a continuous duty output like FM. Frank’s “Hot Spot” at his house is on 434.425 MHz. HF D-Star frequencies: 3.880, 7.285, 14.280, 18.148. 21.380, 24.938, 29.480, 51.480 For low band operation it takes only free software and a Signal Link plus the vocoder. Can find info on : A good software is RT Systems.

The meeting was closed at 2028. There were 12 members and one guest present.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE, Secretary, ARC

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