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Minutes of Meeting Ė May 7, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1900 by the President, Mike, KC9AOM. There were a few new faces and also some other members who we hadnít seen for awhile, so all present introduced themselves.

The Newsletter had been received by everyone and upon motion by K9TZJ and a second by KB9NTG, all were in favor of accepting the Minutes as posted in the Newsletter.

Our Treasurer was not present, so no report on the treasury was had.

The Secretary is accepting dues for anyone not yet paid for this year.

Tom, KA9SYP, reported that there had been no issues or reports about the .82 repeater. It is working OK.

There was no .09 repeater report since the Trustee was not present.

Steve, WA9CWE, reported that the UHF repeater has been reprogrammed and is now full time PL transmit and receive. The Time Out Timer is set at 3 minutes and the IDíer is a 5 minute continuously running timer. It will only ID during periods of activity, but it may ID early in a QSO or later depending upon when the conversation starts in the 5 minute cycle.

Paul, KC9BKZ, reported that the Web Site is doing well. He has updated the membership list. Heís looking for more new articles.

Tom, W9EEL, provided information on the weather situation over the last week and reviewed daily maps and explained why the weather has been as it is. A low pressure area south and east of us has been moving north and causing the winds from the east, unusual for this time of year. Tom does not see any severe weather in the near future.

Tom, KA9SYP, provided the EMA report. He reported to the Commissioners 1,200 volunteer man-hours in April. The animal kill at 1700 North was a busy activity. The MCU was up there for 3 days. During that time there were severe thunderstorms that were watched. There have been several after-action meetings at the EOC related to this event. The participants from the State agencies say that this is the first event of this type that they have been involved that was fully ICS run. The flood in Elwood also resulted in the MCU responding for several hours. The county, State, and FEMA have conducted damage assessments and a request for a federal declaration is going to the Governor tomorrow. There were 100 homes in Elwood with major damage, and more in Tipton County and Grant County. Tom also discussed the Air Operations Class that he attended last week at Camp Atterbury. He explained what they did and how the planes and choppers operate. A Blackhawk costs $6K/hour to operate in that function. There are 7 certified in Indiana to perform that function. There were only 2 people in Indiana who were certified to communicate with the air resources during wildfires. Now Tom and 29 others are also qualified.

A new member application was presented for Mike Berisford, KC9YQE, soon to be W9AIX by Steve, WA9CWE. Upon a motion by WA9CWE and second by K9TZJ, all members voted in favor of full membership for Mike. He was present and welcomed into the Club.

Upcoming activities discussed include: Steve, WA9CWE, discussed the upcoming White River Run Communications Exercise. He passed out information and discussed the activity. The Dayton Hamvention is May 17-19. Alan, KC9JWO, reminded everyone of the August 3 Air Race and to contact him if you want to help.

Charlie, K9TZJ, reminded everyone of the amateur stations at the hospitals and that he and Carl man the one at St. Johnís, and Doug, KB9DXO, mans the one at Community. He also reported that the St. Vincent at 86th St. in Indy contacted him today about setting up a station.

Dale, KV9W, reminded everyone of the upcoming Technician Amateur Class with the first meeting on June 8. Announcements and registration forms are available.

Old Business Ė None

New Business Ė None

Show and Tell: Dale, KV9W, reported that he used an NVIS antenna for the Indiana QSO party last weekend. The dipole was 7 feet above ground and he had 3 parallel reflectors laying on the ground below it. It worked quite well for 40 meters. Gene, KB9WI talked about his experience with his IC-706 mounted in his Prius car. He has no noise on 20 meters, but other bands have a high noise level. He discussed reports from other Prius owners and what they had done to minimize the noise. The dealer hasnít been helpful.

Upon motion of K9TZJ and W9EEL the meeting was adjourned at 1950.

There were 18 members present.

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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