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Minutes of Meeting – March 3, 2015

The meeting was called to order by the President, Alan, KC9JWO, at 1902 at the New EOC. One guest, Mike, KD9CDO, was welcomed.

The Minutes of the January meeting as printed in the Newsletter was moved for approval by WA9STB and seconded by KB9NTG. All voted in favor.

There were no Silent Keys reported locally, but Steve mentioned that Charlie Sears, W9MEW, a ham active in the Indiana Repeater Council for many years is now a Silent Key.

Tim, KB9VE, offered the Treasurer’s Report as follows: Initial check balance of $3,296.13. Income from dues of $220.00. Disbursements of $49 for Stamps, $72 for parts to repair the weather station, $28,82 for Batteries, $104.90 for a Triplexer for the new .09 repeater site, $10 for IRCC Dues and $320 for Club Insurance for a total of $584.92. The resulting balance is $2,931.41. We also have an un-needed Duplexer valued at $69 that will be sold to KC9JWO. Upon motion of WA9CWE and second by KV9W all voted in favor.

.82 Repeater Report – Tom, KA9SYP, reported that it is still working fine. The clock will be correct after this weekend.

.09 Repeater Report – Tim, KB9VE, reported that it’s still working fine as long as the power stays on at the Linwood site. Moving to the Co. Hiway site will be a challenge for the IRLP due to the internet issues, but Tom continues to work on that issue. We need to plan an antenna installation party soon. There was discussion about other possible sites, but this one seems the best alternative right now. The Co. Hiway site is 15 feet lower than Linwood.

UHF Repeater – Steve, WA9CWE, reported it’s still working from the Linwood site, but because it’s much lower there isn’t much use.

Web Site – Steve, WA9CWE, reported that Paul, KC9BKZ, is still looking for a backup webmaster for him. He’s still keeping up but would like for someone else to be familiar with it should he no longer be able to support it.

Weather Station – It’s still working fine as long as the Internet is still available at the Linwood site. It still works right now. We have enough extra parts to move an entire station to the EOC.

EMA Update – Tom, KA9SYP, reported that he expects the work on the parking lot to start next month. There will be an exercise here at the EOC next Saturday morning. We’ll be working on message movement within the EOC. We have 5 phones available now and the video conferencing is working fine. The new radio system for the County is almost ready to deploy and bids are ready to go out for the towers. The State SAFE-T system is converting to P-25 by the end of the year. The County system will have 8 to 12 channels including the 4 existing county channels and the 4 existing Anderson channels. There may be some more added. Ambulance/Hospital IHERN stays on VHF in the State.

Weather Update – Tom, W9EEL, reported that it’ll be getting to zero degrees this week then warming up this weekend. By mid-month it’ll be in the 40’s. Solar radiation has doubled since the winter solstice. This year we’ve had a cold air flow from the North but it’ll be gone in a couple of weeks. It could flip as quickly as one week. The StormNet Training is this coming Wednesday at Hoosier Park, 7PM. Mike Ryan the new Warning Coordination Meteorologist will be making the presentation. The State Weather Drill is March 19th at 10:15AM and 7:35PM.

New Member Applications – None

Correspondence – None

Activities – Alan is going to a training session sponsored by the IRCC on Building Stronger Clubs.

Old Business – The Secretary is mailing out the membership certificates this year instead of holding them for meetings.

New Business – None

Other – Dale, KV9W attended an AUXCOMM Communications Class last weekend. I was focused upon helping Amateurs learn how to fit into emergency responses and to be helpful. He learned the structure, how to fiil out the forms and they helped solve problems. This class will be offered again at the Dayton Hamvention. It was a full 2 days, 10 hours each day. The instructors were Randy Kerr and Hank Tabler from the Tennessee State DHS. There were 15 there. We will ask Dale to pass along some of the information he learned in future meetings. There is an EchoLink Net, KC9ZAR-R.

The meeting was adjourned at 2015 upon motion of WA9STB and W9EEL. There were 11 members and 1 guest present.

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Secretary, ARC

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