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Repeater Club, Inc. 

Minutes of Meeting – March 4, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1900 by the President, Mike, KC9AOM. This is a joint meeting of the Club and the Communications Division members since the January and February meetings were cancelled due to severe weather. Everyone was welcomed.

Everyone was asked to confirm that the Club Newsletter had been received. Larry, KB9SCC, wasn’t able to open it this month for some reason. Upon motion of N9RDC and second by KC9JWO that the Minutes be accepted as printed all were in favor.

The only illness reported was the XYL of Paul, KC9BKZ.

The Treasurer’s Report was offered by Tim, KB9VE. The initial checking balance was $1,459.08. Disbursements were: $9.80 for Stamps; $320 for Club Insurance; $23.49 for a battery for the UPS; $7.14 for the Club yearly report to the State; $119.98 for Web Hosting Fees for a total disbursement of $480.41. Income is: $420 for dues; $235 from the equipment auction; $33 from non-cleared checks for a total of $688. The new treasury is $1,666.67. Upon motion to accept by KA9SYP and second by N9RDC all were in favor.

The floor was opened for nominations for Officers for 2014. There were no initial nominations or volunteers, so the Secretary offered a re-nomination of the existing slate of Officers to continue for 2014. Upon a second by KC9JWO the vote was all in favor except one member. Therefore, the officers were re-elected as follows:
President          Mike Dewey, KC9AOM
Vice-President   Alan Weber, KC9JWO
Secretary          Steve Riley, WA9CWE
Treasurer          Tim Galbraith, KB9VE
.82 Trustee        Tom Ecker, KA9SYP
.09 Trustee        Tim Galbraith, KB9VE
Technical Committee
Tom Harbron, W9EEL
Guido Politano, WB9ZJR
Brian Boyer, WE9G

.82 Repeater Report – Tom, KA9SYP, reported that it was still working OK. Mike, KC9AOM, observed that on the low antenna it appears to be working better than before perhaps because of the removal of the antenna switching relay or other unknown reason. The tower on the building has not been removed as of yesterday. It is still suppose to come down.

.09 Repeater Report – Tim, KB9VE, said that there was nothing to report. It’s still working fine and there is IRLP activity. He would like to have someone who is understanding of LINUX to help him with some scripts that are used in the weather station and IRLP interface.

UHF Repeater – Steve, WA9CWE, reported that it’s still working OK. There has been no other activity around the tower reconstruction so there is no motivation to move the repeater at this time. We’ll wait until we have to.

Weather Station – Tim, KB9VE, reported that it is still working OK. The sensor suite actually sends data to two locations in the EOC that separately outputs the data to the internet.

EMA Update – Tom, KA9SYP, said that he’s working on 7 grants for the County. The last equipment from the outstanding grants have been received (plotters, paper, printers, etc) for the EOC. He’s working on another grant for new displays for the ECC to replace the projectors. Hopefully that’ll be approved. He’s in the process of moving his office to the Government Center. The new “meeting trailer” has been received and he’s seen it. They are in the process of rolling out a new citizen notification system for the county.

Weather – Tom, W9EEL, went into detail to explain the “Arctic Oscillation” that is responsible for this winters’ weather condition. He explained and showed maps of the “Negative Phase” and the “Positive Phase” situations and also the early months of this year that resulted in our extremely cold weather. He reported what the NWS is saying about the next few months. Another interesting thing is that the Great Lakes are 90% iced over. This is only the third time in history that this has occurred. When asked about the prediction for tornado activity this year he reported that for the first two months of this year the total number of tornados has been lower than usual. However, tornado generation requires heat and cold contrasting conditions and we will probably have that occur.

Announcements – WA9CWE reported that the American Legion will be holding a Special Event station in Indy on March 15. A nice certificate is available. Mike, KC9AOM, reminded everyone to set back their clocks this upcoming Sunday. The StormNet training class is next Tuesday. It’ll be at Hoosier Park in the Main Stage area. The pre-registration is already up to 125, so this may turn out to be our largest yet. Tom’s doing a lot of promoting within and outside of the County.

Old Business – Steve, WA9CWE, reported on the on-going auctions. Three weeks have been completed with $285 going into the treasury. The items for week #4 were displayed at the meeting and sent out by email. There are enough items for at least another 4 or 5 weeks. The procedure was reviewed again. Only Club members have been receiving the daily emails to track the bids. There are some good items upcoming.

New Business – None

Show-and-tell – Dale, KV9W said there has been some interest in another Technician class. He’s found some You-tube videos that go thru the ARRL class book very well. Go to to find them. Dave Casler, KE0OG, has the Technician and General sessions and Dale says they cover all of the things covered in his class.

VE Testing – Steve, WA9CWE, and Alan, KC9JWO, commented on the success of the January and February sessions with everyone passing at least one license. Steve reminded everyone that they can declare that they want to take more than one test and if they pass the first they can take the next one without additional cost even if they aren’t well prepared.

The meeting was adjourned at 1949 upon motion of WA9STB and KB9SCC.

There were 16 members and visitors signed in and several more visitors unsigned.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE,
Secretary, ARC

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