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Minutes of Meeting – January 6, 2015

The meeting was called to order by the Vice-President, Alan, KC9JWO, at 1905. This is the first meeting of the Club held at the NEW EOC on Mounds Road. Alan reported that our President, Mike, KC9AOM, wasn’t driving down from Hartford City due to the weather conditions. There were no guests and everyone has signed the attendance Sheet.

Everyone reported receiving the Newsletter and Minutes of the last meeting. Upon motion of KB9NTG and a second by WA9STB the Minutes were approved by all as printed.

Treasurer Tim, KB9VE, reported the following: Balance brought forward $2,431.13. Income from Dues $180, Auction income of $784 for a total income of $964.00. Disbursements were $99 for the web hosting. The final balance is $3,296.13. Upon motion of K9DYR and second by KV9W, all present voted to accept the report.

.82 Repeater Report – Tom, KA9SYP, reported that it is still working fine. The clock is still off by an hour and Steve hasn’t gotten it corrected. We discussed that it would be correct after March 8 anyway.

.09 Repeater Report – Tim, KB9VE, reported that it is working properly. In a discussion about the new site Tom said that the tower is on the ground at the County Highway awaiting our mounting of the antenna and feedline, then the County Highway will set it up. The old Linwood site will be powered until early March, so we need to get on with the move. The elevation of the Highway Dept. site is nearly the same as the Linwood site, so overall the coverage should be similar.

UHF Repeater Report – Steve, WA9CWE, reported it is still working from Linwood, but at on 80 feet instead of the 380 feet it had been and the results are much less. It will move to the County Highway when the move is made.

Web Site – No report

Weather Station & IRLP – Tim, KB9VE, reported it’s working fine with only an occasional glitch. Right now we’re planning to move it to the Highway Dept. site too, but there may be an issue with internet access. The Highway Dept. is on the County internet system and there are restrictions on what computers can be attached to it. Tom is working with the County IT folks, so if we can’t make this and the IRLP node connection right now we may be able to do it later. Tim pointed out that we have enough spare parts to put together another station for the new EOC site. We’ll look into that in the future too.

EMA Report – Director Tom, KA9SYP, noted that we are here, but there is a lot to do. Today he got the OK for the new parking lot that will add 75 or so spaces to the facility north of the building. In a year or so there are plans for a pole barn that will house our rolling stock plus the Health Dept. and MCPD equipment. The facility outside lighting will be repaired soon. The emergency generator switch is suppose to ship on the 20th, so after it’s received and installed the generator from Linwood will be moved. He hopes to be ready to completely shut down Linwood power mid-February or soon thereafter. The monitors are up, computers here and the fiber line & drops are in place. Should get hooked up soon. There are lots of little things to do and various members are working there every Saturday. Tom’s there about every noon hour. Jeff, K9DYR, is running the canned soda concession from the refrigerator on behalf of the MCARC. 50 Cent contribution to the cash can. The new County Radio System is actually completed and was tested by county officials up at Motorola prior to Christmas. Tom was there for 2 ˝ days and they tested out all of the repeater sites hardware etc. The equipment is actually shipping now. The target is to switch over in October, 2015. There will be 5 repeater sites in the County, simulcasting. Users will have handhelds only. The setup will initially be P-25 Phase 1, but if anyone is getting a scanner plan to get one set up for Phase 2.

Weather Report – Tom, W9EEL, reported that the County got 6 inches of snow this morning. It is light and fluffy. The roads are decent. The next 48 hours are expected to be dangerous with temperatures of +3 to -12 and winds for the next 24 hours up to 30MPH. Those outside should be careful. The Stormnet Training is on March 11 at Hoosier Park and there will be pre-registration to get a feel for the attendance numbers.

New Member Applications – None

Correspondence – None

Activities – The MCARC is planning to be operating a contest (North American QSO Party) from the EOC on the 17th. Also plan to install an end fed Zepp antenna provided by EMA in the attic and perhaps try it out.

Old Business – The Secretary did not get all of the membership certificates for 2014 distributed to the paid members since he handed them out at meetings. This year Steve is going to send out the certificates as they are printed. The Treasurer will get him a roll of stamps.

New Business – The election of Officers for 2015 is the only order of business. There are vacancies for President and one position on the Technical Committee. Nominations were offered as follows:
President Alan, KC9JWO
Vice-President Chris, AC9FT (Note-Not eligible as he’s not a member)
Secretary Steve, WA9CWE
Treasurer Tim, KB9VE
Trustees .82 – Tom,KA9SYP, .09 – Tim, KB9VE, 443.35 – Steve, WA9CWE
Technical Committee Tom, W9EEL, Guido, WB9ZJR, Dale, KV9W
A motion by K9DYR that the nominations be closed was made & WA9STB moved that the Officers be elected as slated above. All present were in favor.

Dale, KV9W, asked about the Public Service Announcements that he’s heard about Amateur Radio (ARRL) on WHBU & other radio stations. They are very good. Others have heard them on WERK and other stations in Indy for quite a while. Everyone agreed that they are probably originated by the ARRL and are well done.

Alan, KC9JWO, mentioned that there is State legislation proposed that limits use of devices in cars to wireless only. It specifically exempts Part 97 devices (amateur radio) Everything else must be Hands Free. On vehicles up to 24,000 pounds.

Tim, KB9VE, mentioned that ComCast is becoming “Greatland Connections”. Not certain what that may do to the service and/or cost.

Steve, WA9CWE, mentioned that there is a federal effort being proposed to allow the FCC to regulate the Internet like it does the phone companies and other services. This will open up the opportunity to slap on additional taxes & fees that may result in users paying $30 to $50 per month for internet service. Needless to say this isn’t a good idea.

Dave, KB9NTG, talked about his bundling of services on DISH network and how it’s not working out or being cost effective.

VE Testing – The testing will be held here at the new EOC beginning in April. Paul has already put the change on the ARRL calendar.

We may need some signage to help people find the EOC. Tom mentioned that the signage for the entire facility is going to be redone, but we may want to re-paint some of our portable signs for temporary use.

Show-And-Tell – Steve provided a tour of the ECC and the building.

The meeting was closed upon motion of W9EEL and N9ZAF at 2002. There were 11 members present.

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Riley, WA9CWE, Secretary, ARC

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