Ham Shack Gallery


To the left is a MFJ super tuner to the right of that is a Kenwood th-f6 ht,then a Yaesu 857d ,then a hp laptop,and last is a Uniden Apco 996t .



Here is a picture of my station. Everything is as old as I am. - Charlie
On the upper left corner is the GPR-90 Receiver speaker, it sets on the Johnson KW matchbox along with the Bird Wattmeter, Johnson Ranger II transmitter, GPR 鰠Sideband slicer, Johnson 6&2 transmitter under the National 6&2 converters along with the RCA Power Line Monitor.

Next row: B&W Transmitter, TMC GPR-90 General Coverage Receiver, National NC 303 Ham Band Receiver.

Third Row: HeathKit HO 10 Monitor, Tempo 2 Meter transceiver, Yaesu FT-7100M transceiver, HeathKit HO-13 Ham-scan, Drake TR-4.

Fourth Row: Meters for the Johnson KW Amplifier below, CW keyer, MFJ 969 Tuner for the Drake.

On the floor next to the Johnson KW Amplifier is a KDK FM-2030 transceiver on top of a AEA Pk232MBX TNC. The shelves to the right hold a Uniden BC895XLT scanner and alert receiver for .82 plus manuals.

Antennas: HiGain HiTower, trapped dipole in the attic, 2 Cushcraft AR-270 Dual-Band Ringos and a Cushcraft A270-10-S Yagi.



The upper layer is a Motorola VHF Alert Monitor with a "Tone Alert Board" for the 146.820 alert. A Uniden BC760XLT scanner and an Astron SS-30M power supply hides a 7AH gel cell battery charged by the power supply thru a West Mountain Radio Power Gate. The center section houses the Kenwood UHF and Kenwood 800 MHz. radios for the EMA channels along with the station clock. Below is the IC-2720 VHF/UHF amateur rig and an Icom IC-706MKIIG low band rig (actually 160 thru UHF) setting on an LGD AT100PRO antenna tuner. Everything has Anderson Power Pole connectors plugged into a RigRunner. "Above all" is a model of the B26 Invader (Martin Maurader) that Jack, W9VCF, piloted in WWII and then the Korean War. - Steve




The mobile is an HF radio on the hump is a Yaesu FT- 890 and the one mounted under the dash is a Kenwood 3 band TM 741A. They are old like me, but have served me well.
The "shack" has a Kenwood all mode TS-690S and an Ameritron AL-811H amplifier. The VHF/UHF radios are a Kenwood TM 721A and a Yaesu FT 2800M. And, of course the normal meters and assorted test equipment to monitor my signal. I have 2-Delco DC31 batteries under the desk that powers all the equipment. They are kept charged by a float power supply and the batteries can give me 24 hours normal operating if I lose the commercial power. - Dick





The equipment consists of a Yaesu FT-847 Earth Station with a Yaesu FC-20 auto tuner controlled by the radio. Microphone is a Heil PR781Pro with homemade pop filter and Heil HB-1 boom. New addition is the LP-100A digital vector watt/swr meter and a ⥓onus Studio Channel�rophone preamp/compresser/parametric equalizer. Mounted in the center is a Yaesu FT-7800 2 meter mobile. HF antenna is a DX Engineering MBVE-1 with tilt base, radial plate, and UNUN. I imagine equipment will continue to grow with time. This by far the most enjoyable hobby I have been involved in. - Brian



Picture of home shack showing Elecraft K3 and P3 Panadapter along with Yaesu FT 857 and G450 antenna rotor. The desk Mic is a Shure SM58 on an old lamp base.



Picture is my portable operating position in Ford Ranger Truck with desk holding my K3 and P3 and MacBook Pro for logging and control.



My antenna setup for portable operation. 32 foot mast with 80, 40, 20,15, 10 homemade inverted Vee. The yagi is a homemade 20m monoband beam on tripod base with manual rotation up about 12 feet.



View of my portable setup for the IN QSO party May 7, 2011. The location is a farm on the Randolph/Wayne County line, altitude about 1231 feet, only 26 feet or so lower than the highest point in Indiana.



A view of truck loaded for the IN QSO party. Power provided by the four 6 volt golf cart batteries providing about 360 A-hr, more than enough for the 12 hours of calling cq. I think I would have enough power for 2-3 days but not adequately tested yet. Normally keep them in my garage for backup power for my shack.


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